Heerum Fleary, TickEat


Hi I’m Heerum and I’m the Director of TickEat which was formed in 2015.

If you are an up and coming food or beverage business looking to branch out into the travel and leisure sector, then TickEat is the perfect Strategic Business Development Partner for you.

Specialising in bringing fresh new innovative products onto airlines, Trains, Ferries and Hotels, by helping our clients tailor their products to succeed. 

Having a passion for innovation, and we whole-heartedly believe in the products we work with, which is why we put our all into seeing your products grow within the travel sector.

As experts within the travel sector we have great working relationships with the buyers and many leading players within the travel and leisure industry.

Working with TickEat opens doors for our clients and improves operational efficiencies than taking on these sectors yourselves.

We also have a sub brand called Innoveat. Innoveat is the UK’s one and only leading Food Exhibition for the Travel and Leisure sector. Only catalogue published in the UK with products which fit into the travel & leisure sectors as well as a monthly online newsletter publication.

Tara Sundramoorthi